Jägermeister Ice Cold Shot

Not stirred. Not shaken. Just frozen.

With 56 ingredients, we like to think of it as a cocktail in its own right.

To pour the perfect shot, take the bottle straight out of the freezer.

Pause for a second to marvel at the icy fog emanating from the glass.

Enjoy the viscous liquid at its perfect state: -18°C




High society for a night. Elevate the party with a drink extraordinaire - Jägermeister, the gin to your yang. Taste of Herbal aromatic, less bitterness, herbaceous notes.



What you'll need:

3 cl Jägermeister

3 cl Gin

3 cl Sweet Vermouth

Lemon Zest           

                JM Lemon zest


How to prepare: 

Add Jägermeister, gin, sweet vermouth and ice in a mixing glass.

Stir what the bottles gave you.

Pour into a frozen Champagne coupe.

Add the lemon zest on top for extra pizazz. CHEERS!


100cl bottle

Serveer IJSKOUD!

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